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Josh Conner

Web Developer, Husband, lover of all things web! I live and work in Northeast Ohio. I was introduced to ExpressionEngine in early 2010 and since then I've used it exclusively for CMS sites.

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Michael Kant

Mike is a developer at Hop Studios, working on all the best parts of the internet. Hop Studios has been working in and on Expression Engine for (practically) decades, producing amazing websites and top-tier add-ons.

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Justin Alei

Justin is an expert in ExpressionEngine and has created several award-winning sites for Consumer51 on the platform.

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Doug Black

Doug is the developer and founder at tripleNERDscore. He is also core contributor to, ExpressionEngine!

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Gal Dubinski

Gal is the co-founder of Poptin, Prospero, and Premio

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Carl Crawley

Carl has been working with ExpressionEngine since 2006 and has been the Managing Director and Owner of Made by Hippo since 2010. Hippo specialise in ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS and Laravel based technology solutions. From new website builds, add-ons and extensions to full transactional and commerce-powered sites, CRM Integrations and software automation platforms.

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Brian Litzinger

BoldMinded has been a trusted name in ExpressionEngine add-on development for over 12 years.

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Rob Allen

I've been creating web sites since 1998, and working with ExpressionEngine since 2007, building and maintaining sites for individuals, charities, organisations and businesses. I love using EE to do amazing things for my clients to make them happy! For fun I play bass guitar, have a fascination for ancient history, and love taking long trips in my Alfa Romeo (a red one of course!).

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Kevin Cupp

Kevin Cupp is a software writer from Blacksburg, Virginia. Since learning HTML in 5th grade, Kevin has gone on to making websites and iOS apps for clients, and now has been making ExpressionEngine for the past 7 years. He also works on products to help people with their email.

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Derek Jones

Derek has been making software since age six, crossing over into video and music production, graphic design, and even retail management before helping build ExpressionEngine at EllisLab.

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James Mathias

Hopelessly in love and devoted to his wife of twenty-two years, their three sons, & daughter. For the last eighteen years James has dedicated himself to helping make the Internet better. Previously he bound books, landed hot air balloons, slung bird seed and changed your oil. You’ll always find him at, where he draws, writes and shares too much.

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Robin Sowell

Robin got involved with EllisLab in 2002, using pMachine Pro to build a personal site. Since then, her casual interest has grown into an obsession and she enjoys nothing more than seeing what new tricks ExpressionEngine can be coaxed into performing.