EEConf Fall 2021 - Google Ads Demystified: A Conversation about Search Engine Marketing

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🎤 Presenter: Alex Brabant, eMarketing 101, 🎤 Presenter: Travis Smith, Hop Studios,

📺 Description: Are you currently spending money advertising with Google Ads, but you’re worried that your dollars are not being well-spent? Or are you considering running Google Ads but daunted by the complexity of configuring a new campaign?

Join Travis Smith (Hop Studios) and Alex Brabant (eMarketing101) as they discuss how to set up and use all the various Google Ads products. They’ll discuss the current system, and share ways to improve the performance of your existing Google Ads campaigns. This interview-style presentation will examine goals and funnels, geo-targetting, keyword strategies, novel ad types, as well as the psychology behind online PPC advertising.